In line with the new research restructuring begun in early 2013, Research Management and Innovation Center (RMIC) also undergoes a transformation. The Research Management Centre (RMC) was retained and given a more focused mandate. Innovation Sector has assimilated under the administrative center converged Knowledge Transfer and Industries Network Centre (PPIJI). RMC is headed by a Director and assisted by officers (Professional & Support).

Basically RMC manages all activities and research management application that received funding from various agencies in the country, particularly research grants from various government ministries, external sources, and non-government. RMC is also responsible for coordinating, managing activities, and monitors the quality of research output.

Starting from 2013 and onwards, the role of RMC was expanded to focus on the planning and promotion of research activities through overseas funds such as government or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Asia and Asia Pacific as well as the United Nations (UN).

RMC was also given the mandate to manage the focus research group or Special Interest Group (SIG). RMC profound role is in aligning the SIG as a collection of national or international-class research group that supports high-impact research activities which crosses the border of Schools, institutes or universities. SIG has moved in tandem with the new niche theme of Marine Sciences and Aquatic Resources‘. Niche is a result of the strength of fields identified able to mobilize existing expertise to embrace the diversity of knowledge across disciplines and acculturation of the concept of lifelong research.